Dear friends of the Big Trees Scottish Gathering and Highland Games,

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that the Gathering will not be happening in 2018. The powers that be at Roaring Camp have decided not to have us back. They have instead decided to expand their harvest and steam festival and have thus made the grounds unavailable to us. When first envisioning the games at Roaring Camp I thought our event would finally find a long term home. The venues natural beauty and the areas long Scottish history made it in my mind a perfect fit. Roaring Camp itself derived its name from the original Scottish settlement founded in the mid-1800s. I had hoped the powers that be would understand and share our vision and embrace our celebration, allowing us to continue to support worthy local community programs in appreciation for the support the community has passionately showed us. Sadly, and to our community’s loss, Roaring Camp does not appear to share that vision.

And so, with humble gratitude I thank all who did share our vision and partook in our endeavor over the years to make it a success, the wonderful community that supported us, the participants who entertained and educated us and the volunteers whose blood, sweat and tears for a day made the myth and magic happen.  Alba go bragh!


Jeff Simpson, Chief
Big Trees Scottish Gathering and Highland Games