Chief’s Welcome Message

Clan Chief Jeff Simpson

Clan Chief Jeff Simpson

It is with great honor and anticipation that I invite you to join us as the clans once again gather in the highlands of the Santa Cruz Mountains!

In 1830 Isaac Graham a mountain man of Scottish descent settled here and soon after the Mexican authorities named his wild settlement Roaring Camp. In 1842 near this very location Graham founded a distillery and the first saw mill west of the Mississippi. Fortunately the Big Trees here were spared the woodsman’s axe and thus we are fortunate to have this beautiful and befitting location to celebrate and carry on the Scottish highland traditions of our ancient Celtic culture.

This year’s gathering and games will feature all the wonderful activities you have come to know and love, the details of which you will find on this website. So bring your family and friends and for a day immerse yourself in the sites, the sounds, and the taste of an ancient culture kept alive in the hearts and by the hands of its proud descendants.


Jeff Simpson, Chief
Big Trees Scottish Gathering and Highland Games

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  1. Sandy Welsh
    Sandy Welsh says:

    Not sure if my comment posted or not….

    I’m so glad you were able to pull together a new games in that beautiful area you live in.

    Rich and I have plans to be in Portland the week end of your games. We wish you the very best!

    We’ll see you at Pleasanton & Dixon.



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